Strategizer Art of Defense

SuperBuff Games introduced us to White Titan Games. We got involved in November 2014 to produce speed concepts (characters & props), animations, 150 VFX, vehicles & aircraft. Running in Unity3D.


Rally the troops, position your men well, the enemy is about to attack. Strategizer is a turret defence game with a real time strategy feel bringing a new look to this genre. Build turrets, call in air support, construct your base, arm and upgrade your HQ, position mines and barriers, customize your arsenal, re-skin and re-design, win medals and level up with XP, compete for a place on the high-score leaderboard, unlock achievements and new weapons, use boosts and crates to give you the edge, accomplish daily and weekly goals to keep you coming back for more! How long will you be able to survive?

Strategizer, Art of Defense
SuperBuff Games

Gods HD Pitch (quarter 4, 2013)

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Mastertronic requested Abstraction Games to quote for a remake of the 16 bit game “Gods” from the Bitmap Brothers. They had previously worked on an enhanced version of “The Chaos Engine”. They contacted us to have a look at the graphics, and what would be possible within their budget. It has been more then a year ago, and due to circumstances it did not materialise. However we invested time and effort into the project, and would like to showcase what we came up with in a very short timeframe. Apart from the quote we did some R&D and also did some new characters. Back to the drawing table to disect the original pixel graphics from Mark Coleman into something more up to date. Moodboards, overpaints, levels/maps and animation tests. Please go the the portfolio section for the showcase.
the above image is from Simon Bisley, Gods HD Logo concept by Magiclamp Games Ltd.

New Concept Artwork added by Gerhard Mozsi !

New Concept Artwork added by Gerhard Mozsi ! Have a look at the work on some main feature movies like Terminator Salvation, the Wolverine and also work showcased in 2D Artist Magazine. Check it out in our portfolio section.

Wolverine, External Snow Village

Philips Lighting B.V. Animatics

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Apart from the day to day game business, we have been working together with Philips Lighting B.V. to provide animatics for various presentations. Here we wanted to showcase the production pipeline for one the animatics we produced. Work included : Script support (proofreading, timing, etc) Moodboards & Styleguides, Storyboards, Voice Over recording (@ Side U.K), Post Production (edits & FX), all graphic content. Shown with permission of the respective owners.

Animatic for Picopoint Solutions

Containing a clear overview on the problems Telco’s are facing with the enormous data-growth issues they have. It points out how the Technology of Picopoint can help the Telco’s in offloading their data via Wifi. The animatic also gives a short introduction to Wifi, and explains the Picopoint offering.

We where responsible for :

  • Art Direction
  • Storyboarding
  • Moodboards
  • Voice Over support (with Side U.K. London)
  • compositing and finally delivering the finished animatic
  • Using 3 resources, over 1.5 month (Storyboard artist, Concept Artist and Creative Director) plus an external studio for the audio. (Side U.K. in London)