About Us


who we are

Originally founded by two industry veterans (both from Sony), MagicLamp Games Ltd is a privately owned organization specializing in Creative Direction for the Entertainment Industry and more. Art Direction, Concept Artwork, Design, Programming, Consulting, Audio assistance and Developing products from concepts to final. Based in the UK with 2 remote studios in Europe, South Africa and India we are perfectly located to ensure connections with our European and UK based clients.

our vision

MagicLamp’s Creative Director and staff have worked with Nintendo, Sony, Electronic Arts and many other high-profile clients over the last 30 years. Our expertise in the field of pre-production, and production can provide our clients with the necessary tools within time and help eliminate the costly process of internal teams, ensuring budgets are adhered to. Also we maintain time & risk management. And we are available to advice clients on-site during an entire project. With our latest two game projects we have been on-site to ensure the right flow of work was managed up to the point where all assets go straight into the game. With 60 people strong we can usually scale up or scale down up to the requirements per project.

the team

Some of our Bafta and Emmy award winning key art staff include industry veterans such as Danny Geurtsen, Gerhard Moszi and Martin Mckenna. India has always been a key ingredient in our production pipeline which is working well. And Julio de Araujo who is our main Person in Capetown, South Africa.


Working closely together with concept artist extra-ordinaire Jacques Gauthier, comic illustrator Uco Egmond, and not to forget Art Director David Kenyon. Designs from veteran artist and photographer Rob Hill, and Side U.K. London for the audio requirements.