Gods HD Pitch (quarter 4, 2013)

Gods HD Pitch (quarter 4, 2013)
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Mastertronic requested Abstraction Games to quote for a remake of the 16 bit game “Gods” from the Bitmap Brothers. They had previously worked on an enhanced version of “The Chaos Engine”. They contacted us to have a look at the graphics, and what would be possible within their budget. It has been more then a year ago, and due to circumstances it did not materialise. However we invested time and effort into the project, and would like to showcase what we came up with in a very short timeframe. Apart from the quote we did some R&D and also did some new characters. Back to the drawing table to disect the original pixel graphics from Mark Coleman into something more up to date. Moodboards, overpaints, levels/maps and animation tests. Please go the the portfolio section for the showcase.
the above image is from Simon Bisley, Gods HD Logo concept by Magiclamp Games Ltd.

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